Storage throughout Colombia

We have spaces suitable for the needs of your merchandise in the United States

We have distribution centers in the main cities of USA, carrying out processes of: conditioning, kiting, picking, paking, cross docking, among others.

Transport and logistics

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Reception
  • Sampling
  • Inspection
  • Conditioning

Warehouse and storage

  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Delivery and distribution of goods
  • Additionally, we offer heat-shrinking services.
  • Preparation of offers and promotions
  • Printing and placing stickers

Packaging, packing and finishing

  • Transformation
  • Packing
  • Re-packaging
  • Labelled
  • Any other service that your products may require

How we work?

Our objective is to know your logistics needs to guarantee optimizations in times and costs, thus achieving the satisfaction of our clients.

1. Contact us

Our commercial team is prepared to provide you with the best advisory service, you can contact us by clicking here

2. Operation structuring

After having known the logistics of our clients, we will begin operations to carry out the assigned work.

3. Development and Monitoring

Our main objective is to bring all our work to a final delivery to the customer's satisfaction, which is why our customer services team will accompany you throughout the entire process

4. Delivery to Satisfaction

Once the work is completed, the commercial advisor will provide feedback on the process and will administer a satisfaction survey.

You have questions?

Our commercial team is ready to resolve your questions and respond to your requests, contact us to have the pleasure of attending to you.

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